we are empowering our community already

We have begun! In fact we are flying with our mission to empower and ignite a child's purpose spark in the local community. We have had an impact in 4 schools already BUT there are so many more!

it is easier building strong children than it is fixing broken adults.

Kijjjjds Kids


A few thoughts from some amazing kids from school

They are now bully proof

She understands empathy

she will now stand up for herself

he's developed his interview skills

she now beliefs in herself

he is now motivated in school

he is a powerful assistant head, passionate about helping students thrive!

A few more thoughts... from the young life warrior online version





Hillmorton Primary School

Personal messages from parents

Older students find value too

We have also impacted the 16 - 19 age group in education

Over lock down we interviewed over 50 inspirational people from rocket SCIENTISTS to para-olympians

We also created a charity event for the royalty children's network in africa!

This was an incredible experience and has helped us FURTHER

ADVANCe and empower the children in rugby!

LET’S get started!

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