Our mission is to empower the kids of Rugby to fulfil their potential and live for an extraordinary live...The world has stopped but it does not mean our kids have to!

Are you a person that values the head space of the kids in your town?

Help me empower every kid in rugby!

there is more to life than tiktok, fortnite & "fitting in"

real people

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She has learnt empathy

they now get how to handle bullies

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kids have a right to live powerfully

Dale is an international best selling author and high performance coach for young people. His ambition is to impact over 1 million students worldwide is coming to fruition. Speaking in Parliament on the issues surrounding, mental health, low self-esteem and a confidence crisis in schools earlier this year, Dale has raised awareness of this need in schools.

Low confidence in students will ultimately have a knock effect with their mental health thus not only effecting their school life but their life in general.

Help them become more in life

beat young stress

Self respect

Before we can respect others we must to respect ourselves. We show these kids how to stand up for themselves. Let's teach them not to put up with people walking all over them now and in the future.

emotional intelligence

As your child grows up into a young adult this transition can be very confusing, however when they learn to understand their emotions, the process is always a lot smoother and happier.


Has the gaming world programmed your kids into a 'meh' mindset? The Project will help kids manage play vs productivity and will we driven to succeed. We create a power mindset, making it easier to deal with life challenges.



The Project provides high level interaction with parents and businesses for the reason of supporting the mental and physical growth of the children here in Rugby. Empowering kids to be responsible is vital for a successful future.

Mental health & worry

What if the children of Rugby deeply understood the implications of their actions and knew how to handle stress and anxiety? What if they never let panic overtake them, freeze them or block them?

Social skills

Increasing confidence when communicating with anyone, free from worry of judgement is a huge aim of the Project. Just think how happy s/he will be at school or even social media.

- I am a teacher

If you are a teacher making a difference in a school yet want to make a greater impact with the students, then reach out to us here at Young Life Warrior. We create a bespoke programme tailored to the needs of your students. Focusing on such as areas as confidence, leadership, emotional awareness, stress management and bullying.

- I am a business

Here we are in Nike delivering one of our unique Young Life Warrior Workshops. This was an incredible partnership between us and Nike empowering these fantastic children and their parents. We received amazing feedback from both the families and Nike, serving our community together has allowed us to raise more awareness around the importance of mental health.

- I am a parent

There is no "How to be a super parent" blueprint given to parents when they bring a baby into this world. Now we are not saying we know what is best for your child, we are simply saying we want to help your child become more than they ever knew they could be. By showing them how to be confident in any situation, resilient to failure, how to become a leader as well as gaining the skills to problem solve and be bully proof.

Partnerships and Schools

WE WORK WITH THE BEST businesses in rugby

“I really loved the project. It made me feel better and happier at school. The boxing was my favourite because it give me confidence and discipline.”



“I really loved the project. It made me feel better and happier at school. The boxing was my favourite because it give me confidence and discipline.”




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